Level 1, 441 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest NSW (9437 5049)


When can I start?
The Zumba and Bounce classes are drop in classes so no booking is necessary, you can just turn up a few minutes before the class starts and you’re ready to go! For the Ballroom, Latin and Salsa classes it would be best to join in the first or second week of the course. Please check our timetable or contact us for more information on the start dates for these courses.


Do I need a partner to learn to dance?
Not at all. For coupled dance classes (such as Ballroom/Latin and Salsa) everyone rotates around a circle. So you will dance with everyone in the class – it’s more fun that way!


I have two left feet; will I be able to learn?
We have never come across anyone who can’t learn to dance. Our highly qualified instructors will bring out things in you that you never thought possible!


Can I take private lessons before committing to any group classes?
Definitely. Our highly qualified instructors offer private lessons in a variety of styles. Please contact us via email or telephone to book in a private lesson and please visit our fees page for costing.


How much do lessons cost?
Please see our fees page or contact us for more information.


How do I book?
You can sign up by emailing us at info@crowsnestdancecentre.com or calling us on (02) 9437 5049


What do I wear?
For the partnered classes it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Some people dress smart/casual, others come from work and are in their work clothes and others wear fitness clothes. For the Zumba and Bounce classes gym attire is recommended along with some water and a towel. For the partnered classes dance shoes are encouraged but shoes that you can easily move in and that don’t have too much grip are fine and for the Zumba/Bounce classes sneakers would be the way to go!